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No results were returned so we have given you a list of all Soccer/Football clubs throughout Australia with the closest club to your location returned first.

Liverpool Olympic Soccer Club, Liverpool 2170
Contact: Peter Kaldelis
Phone: 0433227868 Mobile: 0433227868
Email Liverpool Olympic Soccer Club
Fairfield West Soccer Club, Fairfield 2165
Contact: Rino Boggian
Mobile: 0425 834 430
Email Fairfield West Soccer Club
Fairfield Partician Brothers Soccer Club, Fairfield 2165
Contact: Ron Sibbritt
Mobile: 0416035395
Email Fairfield Partician Brothers Soccer Club
Freeman Sports Soccer Club, Canley Heights 2166
Contact: Roy Paragalli
Mobile: 0408414540
Email Freeman Sports Soccer Club
Hinchinbrook True Blue Soccer Club, Green Valley 2168
Contact: Mariela Aparicio
Mobile: 0405948121
Email Hinchinbrook True Blue Soccer Club
Marconi Juniors, Bossley Park 2176
Contact: Sandra Carniato
Phone: 98230134 Mobile: 0408655721
Email Marconi Juniors
Chipping Norton Football Club, Chipping Norton 2170
Contact: Chris Whitehall - Registrar
Phone: 02 9724 2070 Mobile: 0434 194 022
Email Chipping Norton Football Club
Illawarra Stingrays Soccer Club, Wollongong 2500
Contact: Rob McKie
Mobile: 0413194463
Email Illawarra Stingrays Soccer Club
Gladesville Ravens Soccer Club, Gladesville 2111
Contact: Andrew Francis
Mobile: 0413999271
Email Gladesville Ravens Soccer Club
Exeter Soccer Club, Exeter 2577
Contact: Phil Cupitt
Phone: 4868 3119
Email Exeter Soccer Club
Southern Branch Soccer Club, Bowral 2576
Contact: Joan Robertson
Phone: 02 4861 2886 Mobile: 0404075037
Email Southern Branch Soccer Club
Western Sydney Panthers Soccer Club, Penrith 2750
Contact: Andrew Fearnley
Phone: 0263325593
Email Western Sydney Panthers Soccer Club
Horsley Park United Soccer Club, Horsley Park 2175
Contact: Herman Van Dyk
Mobile: 0418 970 688
Email Horsley Park United Soccer Club
Kemps Creek United Soccer Club, Kemps Creek 2178
Contact: Tony Perri
Phone: 0298342749
Email Kemps Creek United Soccer Club
Wetherill Park Soccer Club, Wetherill Park 2164
Contact: Harry Wojciechowski
Phone: 02 9725 3081 Mobile: 0417 223 941
Email Wetherill Park Soccer Club
Bradbury Ambarvale Football Club, Ambarvale 2560
Contact: Greg Finch
Mobile: 0414 749 872
Email Bradbury Ambarvale Football Club
Burragorang District Soccer Club, Burragorang 2570
Contact: Kieran Berryman
Phone: 0246572755
Email Burragorang District Soccer Club
Camden Falcons Soccer Club, Camden 2570
Contact: Margret Bell
Phone: 0246558149 Mobile: 0409 707 984
Email Camden Falcons Soccer Club
PCYC Busby Liverpool Soccer Club, Miller 2168
Contact: Peter Temple
Mobile: 0408115457
Email PCYC Busby Liverpool Soccer Club
Moorebank Sports Soccer Club, Moorebank 2170
Contact: David Roots
Phone: 98253400 Mobile: 0425327885
Email Moorebank Sports Soccer Club
Liverpool City Robins Soccer Club, Casula 2170
Contact: Joanne Coggin
Phone: 02 9607 4710 Mobile: 0417 101056
Email Liverpool City Robins Soccer Club
Liverpool Rangers Soccer Club, Lurnea 2170
Contact: Kelli Bentley
Phone: 02 9602 8110 Mobile: 0404915811
Email Liverpool Rangers Soccer Club
Leppington Lions Soccer Club, Leppington 2179
Contact: Sharon Patton
Phone: 0296086749 Mobile: 0417 243 799
Email Leppington Lions Soccer Club
Mount Pritchard Jnr Soccer Club, Mt Pritchard 2170
Contact: Jamie Towle
Phone: 0430158759 Mobile: 0430158759
Email Mount Pritchard Jnr Soccer Club
Blacktown Workers Soccer Club, Blacktown 2148
Contact: Brett Fielding
Mobile: 0409 681 317
Email Blacktown Workers Soccer Club
Western Sydney PCYC Soccer Club, Mount Druitt 2770
Contact: Jason Oldridge
Phone: 0429 908 606 Mobile: 0419434430
Email Western Sydney PCYC Soccer Club
Kings Langley Soccer Club, Blacktown 2148
Contact: Greg Wensor
Phone: 02 9831 7007 Mobile: 0448 903 558
Email Kings Langley Soccer Club
Good Shepard Soccer Club, Plumpton 2761
Contact: Chris Gaillard
Phone: 0298322484 Mobile: 0433708150
Email Good Shepard Soccer Club
Lourdes Soccer Club, Seven Hills 2147
Contact: Ken Waters
Phone: 02 9838 8584 Mobile: 0406149374
Email Lourdes Soccer Club
Marayong Sports Soccer Club, Marayoung 2148
Contact: Chris Louden
Mobile: 0421 767 941
Email Marayong Sports Soccer Club
Minchinbury Jets Soccer Club, Minchinbury 2770
Contact: Stephen Bradbury
Mobile: 0419 170 717
Email Minchinbury Jets Soccer Club
Glenwood Redbacks Soccer Club, Glenwood 2768
Contact: Kim Pickett
Mobile: 0421026999
Email Glenwood Redbacks Soccer Club
Eastern Creek Pioneer Soccer Club, Rooty Hill 2766
Contact: Ross Chivers
Mobile: 0438322858
Email Eastern Creek Pioneer Soccer Club
Bonnyrigg White Eagles Soccer Club, Cabramatta 2166
Contact: George Vasic
Phone: 0296076767 Mobile: 0413757866
Email Bonnyrigg White Eagles Soccer Club
Macarthur Rams Soccer Club, Macarthur 2560
Contact: Steve Goodwin
Phone: 02 4625 1333
Email Macarthur Rams Soccer Club
Koalas North West Sydney Womens Soccer Club, Sydney 2000
Contact: Paul Woolford
Mobile: 0415260138
Email Koalas North West Sydney Womens Soccer Club
Sutherland Sharks Soccer Club, Cronulla 2230
Contact: Paul Smith
Phone: 0295423577 Mobile: 0408655115
Email Sutherland Sharks Soccer Club
Mt Druitt Town Rangers Soccer Club, Emmerton 2770
Contact: Greg Dobbie
Mobile: 0417 761 741
Email Mt Druitt Town Rangers Soccer Club
Newbury Soccer Club, Newbury 2156
Contact: Myles McCarthy
Mobile: 0414230518
Riverstone Schofields Soccer Club, Riverstone 2756
Contact: Stevie Talbot
Mobile: 0420645636
Email Riverstone Schofields Soccer Club
Rooty Hill RSL Soccer Club, Rooty Hill 2766
Contact: John Newton
Phone: 0450 906 595 Mobile: 0450 906 595
Email Rooty Hill RSL Soccer Club
Seven Hills United Soccer Club, Seven Hills 2148
Contact: Deborah Coleman
Mobile: 0401714122
Email Seven Hills United Soccer Club
St Patricks Soccer Club, Sutherland 2232
Contact: Terrieann Thompson
Phone: 02 9521 1233
Email St Patricks Soccer Club
Prospect United Soccer Club, Prospect 2148
Contact: Jonathan Dellow
Mobile: 0421011205
Email Prospect United Soccer Club
Plumpton Oakhurst Soccer Club, Oakhurst 2761
Contact: Nicole Steward
Phone: 0412333721 Mobile: 0412333721
Email Plumpton Oakhurst Soccer Club
Norwest Crusaders Soccer Club, Riverstone 2765
Contact: Wayne Snowden
Mobile: 0414242009
Email Norwest Crusaders Soccer Club
Oakville United Ravens Soccer Club, Windsor 2756
Contact: Stephanie Barnes
Mobile: 0407 377 174
Email Oakville United Ravens Soccer Club
Quakers Hill Tigers Soccer Club, Quakers Hill 2763
Contact: Wayne Madden
Mobile: 0449641649
Email Quakers Hill Tigers Soccer Club
Parklea Soccer Club, Kings Langley 2147
Contact: John McShane
Mobile: 0416 135 442
Email Parklea Soccer Club
Lilli Pilli Soccer Club, Carringbah 2229
Contact: Steve Willett
Mobile: 0401700177
Email Lilli Pilli Soccer Club

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